Milkscreen: Home Test to Detect Alcohol in Breast Milk 8 Test Strips


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  • BEST-SELLING breast milk alcohol test strip with over 10 million Milkscreen® tests sold
  • FAST, EASY-TO-READ RESULTS IN ONLY 2 MINUTES and trusted by moms for over 10 years to detect even low levels of alcohol in breast milk
  • PEDIATRICIAN AND LACTATION CONSULTANT APPROVED. FSA approved item. Can be purchased with FSA card. No prescription needed.
  • MADE IN USA. Milkscreen is subject to one or more U.S. Patents and Patents Pending including U.S. Pat. No. 8.323.914.
An occasional glass of wine to relax. Margaritas on girls’ night. A beer at the ball game. Motherhood doesn’t mean you have to give it all up. If you’ve assumed that an occasional drink is incompatible with breastfeeding, you’ve assumed wrong. Milkscreen® is the best-selling home test to detect alcohol in breast milk with over 10 million tests sold. With Milkscreen, breastfeeding moms can enjoy an alcoholic beverage (beer, wine or hard alcohol) but then test their milk to ensure they are not passing unwanted alcohol on to baby. Milkscreen is accurate and easy to use with test results in only 2 minutes. Milkscreen is highly sensitive and detects even very low levels of alcohol. To use Milkscreen mom saturates the test pad with a few drops of breast milk. She then reads the test results at 2 minutes. Any color change on the test pad 2 minutes after saturation indicates that alcohol is present. No color change on test pads means that alcohol is not present. For over 10 years, Milkscreen has been the trusted brand for breastfeeding moms, lactation consultants and pediatricians. Milkscreen is made in the USA and patent pending.

FSA Eligible
FSA approved item. Can be purchased with FSA card. No prescription needed.