Drs. Perlow office will help you to navigate the experience to surgery and back efficiently and with care. Marjan Amirgholami and Sara Valeriano schedule surgeries. Generally, once we, as patient and physician, have decided on the surgery you need. You will have time to go home, make arrangements for your family or friends to help you on travel days. Then you will call either Marjan or Sara to give them 3 dates that work for your schedule. They will check operating room availability and get prior authorization from your Insurance Company to let you know, ahead of time, expected costs.

While they are booking your surgery, you should be busy creating questions to address with your Doctor Rebecca Lee Perlow at your  pre-operative appointment. She loves the lists you create from concerns by loved ones, Internet, and perfect strangers who voice their concerns and lie in your head at night. We encourage you to feel confident about your decision as well as to be free to address any fears and concerns you may have. If you are too nervous to think of questions, don't worry, we are experts at telling you, in advance, what to expect. Dr. Rebecca always holds your hand and sees you before you get anesthesia even if you ask to be medicated. Dr. Dennis is very experienced and calming in the pre-op area. We both talk to loved ones after surgery to let you both know how it went.

Finally, both of us firmly believe that you should NOT go to the operating room without a good reason. If you don't need surgery, we will find a way to avoid it!