Every one of our staff are charged with the responsibility to behave professionally, provide quality care, personality and kindness with airtight patient privacy. Our staff will go out of their way to make your experience a positive one.

We do not have an office manager. We simply assign certain tasks to certain people.

Our goal is to provide a gateway for you to make an appointment, contact your physician, and be seen in a timely manner.

Here’s our Crew and how they help you.



If any one person takes a message from you, they will identify themselves by name. That person is responsible for making sure I see it and getting back to you with the response until it is documented in the chart that it has been satisfactorily addressed and that your question has been answered.



I find email an excellent way for us to communicate without the interference of staff interpretation of the problem. It clarifies period problems, birth control issues, hormonal swings, pharmacy updates, concerns about how to take medication and for how long to take it, options for treatment plans. However, our e-mail is snail mail. It is not meant for urgent situations such as migraine headaches or preterm labor. I am on call for the Drs. Perlow every day 24 hours a day. Call me!

Phone (818) 344-8822