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I am a huge fan of Doctors Radio and Andrew Rubin, the Insurance Guru of SiriusXM. You can find him on SiriusXM Channel 110. His show is called HealthCare Connect. You can ask him any questions you want about insurance and plans to choose from and help you to choose wisely during open enrollment.

Google: Andrew Rubin Health Care Connect

I think he is a great resource especially before you get tied up with an Insurance coverage that you find inadequate after you sign up for an Insurance plan between now and January 2017.


Dr. Rebecca Lee Perlow

Both of us participate in the following Health Care Plans


Plan Name                                                      Payor ID

Aetna                                                                10004

Anthem PPO                                                    10051

BlueCross/BlueShield                                        10053

HealthNet PPO                                                10385

Cigna Health Care                                            10062

Screen Actors Guild/Producers                          47198

TriCare                                                              SCW10

United HealthCare                                             74227


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