Providence Tarzana Medical Center

18321 Clark Street, Tarzana, California, 91356

Main Phone (818) 881-0800

Labor & Delivery (818) 609-2250

Postpartum (818) 609-2200

Before Surgery also known as Pre-op (818) 708-5692

Admitting and Registration to be a patient at Tarzana (818)708-5573




Tarzana Hospital has changed names several times since 1982 and is now, Providence Tarzana, a multi State group. To me, Tarzana is my home. The house has changed names, but the people inside it are family.

I have worked at Tarzana Hospital since I was 22 years old ( I thought I was Sooooo old.) I started there January 16, 1982 for my first professional job as a Registered Nurse. At that time, County/USC in Los Angeles required a year in Medicine before you could apply for a Labor & Delivery job. Tarzana took me without that requirement. I loved it from the very first day!! So proud to write "Place of Employment" 18321 Clark Street, Tarzana, California, 91356." When people ask to to fill in that address or ask me the address it is foremost in my mind, they think I'm smart.... I've worked there almost all of my adult life :)

I was born at Northridge Hospital by Dr. Julien Lieberman on May 9, 1959. He was a highly respected OB/GYN at the time, as a trainee in the Operating Room he was THE GUY to get approval from. So, in my first Operating Room (OR) experience, as a scrub Tech ( someone who hands the doctor the equipment for the surgery), Risa said "I give you to Dr. Perlow, he is very nice, no worries." ( Think, eyes wide, pupils dilated, sweaty palms, and that look of "Are YOU SURE?!" Risa, confident, experienced, thoroughly and assuredly gave me "the look", and the sweetest nod... like go, my girl, I will protect you, and I will never let you fail.) Thus, I did my first surgery with Dr. Dennis Leonard Perlow, and indeed, he was nice?! Note Risa right next to me nodding:)

I had seen doctors kick nurses, throw instruments, curse new words to ask my friends what they meant. I remain grateful that Risa had the insight to give me my future husband for my first OR experience. I am ever grateful to have passed muster with the master, Dr Liebermann.