To my dearest patients and their Families. Many of you know I have pixstar digital photo frame in exam room 4 that many of you have uploaded your family pictures to via emailing them to

I open these myself and have had the most amazing journey watching your children grow, your families blossom. Even post-operative patients enjoying life after life altering surgeries. It plays all day, as I see patients and their children all day long.

I love it! I cherish being a part of your lives. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to upload pictures to share on this website. I thought separating it by years would be revealing and fascinating, thus it starts with 1995 when I began to develop a patient following while at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles . Since 1997, being a working mom, I limited my work to one location, now called Providence Tarzana.

In addition I was an RN at that hospital from 1982 to 1987 and some of you know me from that experience. In addition, my husband, Dennis L Perlow MD, has been delivering babies in the San Fernando Valley since 1968. I’ve always wondered if any of the Navy wives he delivered while in service at the Pensacola Florida Naval Base remember. I bet you do. He’s always been an amazing physician and patient advocate ?

We welcome your pictures and stories. These are the crazy joys of private practice Obstetrics & Gynecology. My patients are all over the world. I welcome you to share your journey’s and how you are connected to me or my husband. Thank you!

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